With the Primus Care Direct Savings Program, Filling Your Prescription is Quick, Easy, Convenient, and You Will Always Get the Lowest Price

How It Works

Primus Care Direct is a hassle-free, savings program with a family of convenient participating, mail-order pharmacies where patients can get their EpiCeram®, Fosteum Plus®, Rheumate®, and Vasculera® prescriptions for the lowest possible price, Medicare patients included.

In addition to the lowest prices available, patients will get their prescriptions delivered to their home for free. Here’s how it works:


Your healthcare practitioner will send your prescription to a participating pharmacy in the Primus Care Direct savings program, where you will get the guaranteed lowest price. If you already have a prescription, you can contact your participating Primus Care Direct pharmacy to transfer it.


The pharmacy will collect your insurance, billing and shipping information. You are guaranteed to receive the lowest possible price on your prescription (Medicare patients included).


Your prescription will be shipped free to your home.

Participating Pharmacies

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