The Direct Pharmacy Program that opens access to all patients, regardless of insurance

Prescribing is hassle-free to enable access for all patients at the lowest available price
BlinkRx works with Primus Pharmaceuticals to help patients get the lowest available price on:
Low Prices for all Prescriptions
We identify your patient's copay and apply eligible savings offers to get their lowest price.
Simple Patient Experience
Patients receive a text with their lowest available price and can immediately purchase online or over the phone.
Available Nationwide
BlinkRx services the entire country.
Prior Authorization Support
Our technology takes the administrative hassle out of the prior authorization process, so your staff can focus on their patients.
Dedicated Customer Support
Our team of pharmacists and technicians are available to support you, your team, and your patients with everything from onboarding to adherence.
Free, Fast Delivery
We deliver the Rx, free, from one of our 7,000+ licensed pharmacy partners around the country.
Help your patients get a low price on their prescriptions: